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Elder Abuse And Neglect

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Elderly Abuse: A Most Despicable Trend

Elderly Abuse Lawsuit Loans

There has been a disturbing increase in elder abuse statistics during recent years in the United States. It is a trend that has cast a dark, ominous shadow on "The Golden Years" for many retirees and senior citizens.

Elder abuse cases, much like instances of child abuse and exploitation, frequently go unreported. As a result, the statistics, as disturbing as they are, do not even begin to show the real picture; the problem of elder abuse in this country is actually far bigger and far more widespread than most statistics indicate.

Abuse of the Elderly

Common examples of elder mistreatment include elderly abuse and neglect and serious crimes against the elderly like physical and sexual elderly abuse in nursing homes, elder fraud and financial exploitation of the elderly. And it's not always physical either; elder emotional abuse is also common.

In fact, a Congressional report from 2001 revealed that 5,283 nursing homes — more than 30% of the 17,000 nursing homes licensed to operate in the US at that time — were cited for nursing home abuse during 1999 and 2000. 30%! That's 1 in 3. Still think your parents are safe? What about you when you retire?

Saddest Elder Abuse Statistic Of All

The most alarming, outrageous statistic of all is that a high number of reported and unreported cases of elder abuse, elder mistreatment, elder neglect, elder fraud, elder maltreatment, financial exploitation of the elderly and many other crimes against the elderly are committed by family members.

Elder Abuse Laws

While every state in the US has elder abuse laws on the books that make abuse of the elderly a crime, the real challenge is finding out about it in the first place. A 2002 report published in the Journal of Health Care Law and Policy stated that elder abuse and neglect is “widespread, unreported, infrequently prosecuted and the cause of untold suffering, injury, illness and death.”

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Elder Abuse Lawsuit Funding

Elder Abuse | Elder Neglect | Nursing Home Abuse | Nursing Home Negligence

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Elder abuse is an outrageous, despicable and disgusting crime. Senior citizens are supposed to be treasured as custodians of our past; not just easy targets for thugs. The cowards who would take advantage of them and seek to harm them physically deserve the harshest punishment our legal system has to offer. There are few crimes as heartbreaking or as reprehensible as the mental or physical abuse of the elderly or financial exploitation crimes against the elderly.

Elder Neglect

Abuse of the elderly can be a single or repeated act, or a lack of appropriate action - either doing something or failing to do something - within any relationship where there is an expectation of trust, which causes physical, mental, financial or emotional harm or distress to an older person, or that puts an elderly person at risk of harm. This frequently includes physical, sexual, mental or emotional abuse, neglect or desertion of an older person or the theft or misuse of an elderly person's money, property or financial assets. Extreme elder abuse and neglect can result in wrongful death.

Elder Abuse Cases ~ Going On The Record

Abuse of the elderly frequently goes unreported and often happens within a family but also occurs in professional settings such as hospitals, assisted living facilities and nursing home abuse. All 50 states have laws against elder abuse, and while they differ from state to state, all states have systems for reporting suspected elderly abuse.

Pre Settlement Cash Advances On Elder Abuse Lawsuits

It's quite common for people who are involved in elderly abuse and neglect lawsuits to need extra money - primarily to find, relocate to and pay for new living arrangements. A lawsuit loan or litigation funding can give senior citizen plaintiffs the money they need now to regain control and get their lives back on track.

Elder Fraud
Once elderly abuse and neglect are reported and prosecuted, lawsuits pertaining to crimes against the elderly can take a long time to settle. In the meantime, senior citizens and their families frequently must incur additional costs and unexpected bills while transferring to another nursing home or care facility.

Most senior citizens live on fixed incomes, so extra, unplanned or unexpected expenses can have a devastating impact on their finances and lifestyle, as well as their emotional and physical well-being. Litigation finance or a lawsuit settlement advance can help seniors bridge the financial gap and help maintain your standard of living while giving your attorney the extra time needed to negotiate the largest, most appropriate settlement possible.

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