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Is Lawsuit Settlement Funding For You?

Nationwide Plaintiff Lawsuit Advances and Pre Settlement Loans on Personal Injury Lawsuits / Personal Injury Claims

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Get $500 to $500K In 24-48 Hours!
We Give Fast, Affordable Lawsuit Loans, Pre Settlement Funding and Lawsuit Cash Advances Nationwide. Rates starting at just 1.3%!

Settlement Funding and Lady Justice
Helping plaintiffs & lawyers finance the high cost of justice.

Lawsuit Funding: Financing the High Cost of Justice

TriMark Legal Funding LLC (TLF) is a national lawsuit funding company. In fact, TLF is one of the most commonly referred presettlement funding and attorney financing providers in the US.

We offer plaintiff lawsuit loans* from $500 up to $100K in just 24 to 48 hours and law firm financing and attorney loans for up to $5 million.

Want to hear what some past clients have to say about TriMark Legal Funding? Read Client Testimonials.

Since 2003, TLF has distinguished itself as one of the most diversified, most client-focused and most plaintiff friendly settlement advance or legal funding companies in the litigation funding arena.

Settlement Funding
Pre Settlement Funding
TLF offers settlement cash advances to help seriously injured plaintiffs who are involved in personal injury lawsuits protect their families from financial uncertainty.
Settlement Loan on Motor Vehicle Accident
Motor Vehicle Accidents
Plaintiffs who have been seriously injured in an MVA (car accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, drunk driving accidents, auto accidents, train wrecks) receive cash advances in 24-48 hours.
Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Funding
Medical Malpractice
Medical malpractice cases are expensive, risky & time consuming. We fund a wide variety of malpractice suits against doctors.
Slip and Fall Settlements
Premises Liability
Premise liability includes slip and fall settlements, trip and fall, falling accidents, elderly abuse and nursing home abuse or neglect.
Lawsuit Loans on Workers Comp
Employment Litigation
Pre settlement funding on workplace litigation such as racial, gender and age discrimination, workplace harassment, wrongful termination, etc.
Lawsuit Loans on Workers Comp
Workers Compensation
We fund cash advances on workers comp (workmans comp) as well as FELA settlements on railroad accidents and Jones Act covered maritime accidents.
Defective Drug Lawsuits
Pharmaceutical / Drugs
Lawsuit advance funding on over 30 pharmaceutical lawsuits and drug lawsuits including Gadolinium MRI lawsuits, Avandia, Accutane & others; far more than any other legal funding company.
Civil Rights Litigation Funding
Civil Rights
Lawsuit funding is available on civil rights related cases like discrimination, wrongful imprisonment, etc.
Attorney Funding and Law Firm Loans
Attorney Financing
TriMark Legal Funding LLC has a variety of flexible litigation financing options for lawyers and law practices.
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Pre Settlement Funding | Lawsuit Loans Lawsuit Loans | Lawsuit Cash Advance | Settlement Loans
100% Risk-Free Lawsuit Cash Advances on Pending Lawsuit Settlements and Personal Injury Claims
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Is This a Workers Comp Claim?

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Lawsuit Funding
YOUR Money ... Right When YOU Need It
"Because plaintiffs can hold out a whole lot longer with patience AND some of their money than they can with just patience alone"

Lawsuit Funding Strategy
"Negotiating the largest legal settlement possible is ALL about strategy, timing, skill & patience; especially that part about patience."

Pre Settlement Funding | Lawsuit Cash Advance | Settlement Loans

Okay, so you've been injured; either in an auto accident, through some sort of medical malpractice or medical negligence by a doctor or other health care provider, by a defective product, drug or pharmaceutical, a work related injury or other type of employment litigation, a hazardous property condition (premises liability), someone else's negligence or maybe you're involved in a catastrophic personal injury case or wrongful death lawsuit involving a loved one.

If you're involved in a serious personal injury lawsuit and need money immediately, call us right now. We can put cash in your hands in as little as 24 hours and our rates are among the lowest in the entire legal funding industry.

Whatever the case may be, now you have a lawyer, a lawsuit, a legal strategy, mounting expenses, no money and a pack of creditors and bill collectors breathing down your neck. Your lawyer says you've got a strong case and will get lots of money after it settles, but he says you just have to be patient because 'these things take time'. He doesn't really seem to get how difficult your life is right now, without enough money to live on. Sound familiar?

Your Future Settlement Money ... Now

Your situation is a common one for plaintiffs, and not at all unusual. You don't want a handout, just a hand up. What you need, more than anything else right now, is immediate access to some of your future settlement money so you can keep your head above water and keep the wolves away from the door. What you really need is a lawsuit settlement loan or a settlement cash advance.

Pre Settlement Funding: REAL Solutions ... Right Now

Do you ever get the feeling that you're the only one who's in a hurry to settle your lawsuit? You've heard it before, probably from your attorney: "A lawsuit is about 90% waiting. It's hurry up and wait, hurry up and wait"; that and "You've just got to be patient." Patience is one thing; flat-broke with no income and no money for rent, food, bills or other basic necessities is something else entirely.

Fast Lawsuit Loans

Lawsuit Settlement Funding: The Great Equalizer

In many ways, negotiating a legal settlement is like a real-life game of chess; especially when it comes to patience. Loss of patience can be a real game-changer for plaintiffs, and not in a good way. Nothing seems to erode patience or morale quite as effectively as not having enough money; it's just demoralizing.

Your attorney tells you that working through each step of the legal process and negotiating the largest, most appropriate settlement possible is ALL about timing, strategy, skill & patience; especially patience. It's a game; a game of waiting and the one who can wait the longest usually wins the best settlement. The problem is that many plaintiffs with personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits just can't afford to wait any longer and they have financial obligations that won't wait either.

Attorney Litigation Funding

Your lawyer will go as fast as possible without jeopardizing the outcome of your case, but once the defense succeeds at eroding a plaintiff's patience or the plaintiff encounters financial hardships, it simply becomes a contest of human will; in other words, who can outlast whom. Defense attorneys rely on that and build as many delay tactics into their overall strategy as possible to exploit it.

It's nearly impossible to be patient when you're injured, out of money and can't pay bills, buy groceries, feed your kids or they're about to turn off your electricity, repossess your car or evict you; defense attorneys count on this. They know once your patience is compromised, you'll start hammering your attorney to accept a quick, albeit much smaller, settlement; that's their plan.

Lawsuit Settlement Funding Could Buy You Time

Settlement Funding

Litigation financing or a lawsuit settlement advance could totally derail that kind of delay tactic strategy. Pre settlement financing helps to 'level the playing field', so to speak, by eliminating a plaintiff's financial worries.

Pre settlement lawsuit funding (aka pre settlement finance, litigation finance or a legal loan) can also be a game-changer for plaintiffs, but this time in a very good way. Legal funding can buy you time. A lawsuit loan is fast and discreet and allows plaintiffs to tap into the future value of their lawsuit settlement money today. We provide advance funding for workers comp settlements in 33 states and settlement cash advances on over 150 different kinds of legal cases such as:

Lawsuit funding and pre settlement loans are "non-recourse". That means we take all the risk. If you lose your case or it doesn't settle, you get to keep the money we advanced you and you owe us NOTHING! It's as simple as that.

Fatal Car Crash

Thousands of people are injured or killed every day because of the reckless, negligent or just flat-out stupid actions of other people. To receive fair compensation for their injuries and financial or emotional losses, many are forcedto file personal injury lawsuits; a process that takes a long time to resolve.

TLF helps put plaintiffs back in control of their finances by giving them a lawsuit cash advance and then using a small portion of their future settlement as collateral. Lawsuit settlement funding is fast, easy and it's free to apply.

Checkmark No monthly payments
Checkmark No employment requirements
Checkmark No credit is no problem
Checkmark No up-front fees or costs
Checkmark No out-of-pocket expenses
Checkmark No interference with case management
Checkmark No payment until your case settles
Checkmark No payment if your case doesn't settle
Checkmark Approval process is FAST & EASY
Checkmark Low rates and excellent terms
Checkmark Prompt, professional & very discreet

There are no monthly payments and we only get repaid after your case is settled successfully. If it doesn't settle or you lose your case, you have no obligation to repay the advance. We fund based on the strength and liability of your case which is why it doesn't matter if you have bad credit or you're behind on your bills.

Cash For Lawsuit Settlements and Personal Injury Claims

TLF helps plaintiffs regain financial control of their lives with pre settlement lawsuit funding. Lawsuit settlement funding is a fast, affordable way for plaintiffs to access to a portion of their injury lawsuit settlement money; they are then free to use it for any purpose. We also buy structured settlements.


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TriMark Legal Funding LLC offers lawsuit funding on personal injury lawsuit settlements in these states & major cities.

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